Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life on her own terms

This novel may be set in Mumbai but definitely makes you recall chapters from your life and that of your friends.

Two best friends, living in with a boy who is protective, a job to die for and bosses who can't take their eyes off her; this is Laila's life. Sexy, hot and suave Laila has a job that suits her extroverted personality.

After finishing her schooling in Manhattan, Laila takes up a job at a magazine Guyzone and dons the role of a sex expert for her new column. Wherever she is, she always manages to attract men...

The plot
After breaking up with her boyfriend who has been cheating on her, she decides to stay away from relationships.

Her roommate is a freelance photographer, and he soon becomes a part of the Guyzone anniversary edition. Laila knows her strengths and weaknesses and soon becomes the centre of attraction even at her workplace.

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