Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Know your CWG

Vijaya Khandurie's “Quiz Book” on Commonwealth Games take you on a trip that tests your memory and sporting knowledge.

The book concludes with a poignant reference to an Australian athlete. She was acclaimed as one of the most successful athletes to have represented a great sporting nation, winning sprint doubles (100m and 200m) at the Commonwealth Games in 1970 (Edinburgh) and 1974 (Christchurch) and signed off with a gold in 400m at Brisbane in 1982. She also won three Olympic silver medals (one in 1968 and two at the next Games in Munich). In 1995, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and two years later she sold one of her Olympic silver medals to raise funds and meet her medical expenses. She is presently living in Queensland.

The much-decorated Raelene Boyle richly deserves this space in ‘The Commonwealth Games Quiz Book' by Vijaya Khandurie. The Commonwealth Games are here but, sadly, negative publicity has cast a depressing spell over this avidly awaited sporting event in Delhi. Official merchandise, CWG-related cultural and entertainment shows, official theme songs, have slipped into the background as the organisers have struggled to cope with demands.

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