Saturday, October 2, 2010

'A Story Is A Gesture'

The first graphic novelist of the country, Sarnath Banerjee is rather perverse to the idea of being known as one. He prefers a comic writer tag than any other labels, and thinks the term “graphic novel” was conveniently devised by publishers to shelf books like his.

Sarnath was speaking at a session on graphic novel at the Kovalam Literary Festival at Kanakakunnu Palace.

His first book, Corridor, was much acclaimed for its witty take on life in the streets of Delhi, the protagonist being a second-hand book seller. His works show a dark sense of humour and satire on urban life. For him, it’s his love of telling stories that comes first rather than beautiful wording or illustrations.

“I am deliriously happy living in Delhi. I record experiences, use imagination and scavenge for stories,” he said. “All I want is to tell a story, and not look for publishing houses or edifying my works.”

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