Sunday, February 21, 2010

21st February in our life

21 February stands as a unique example across the globe. Our poverty and natural calamity have made us known throughout the globe which made scope to incur some negative titles. Against this, our Language Movement, our woman prime minister, our woman leader of the opposition, the innovative power and skills of our expatriate engineers and other professionals come up. Even, many developed countries have yet to experience women emancipation in practical sense of the term and in the highest level of administration of the state. But we have set the examples which have been proved rare in the whole world.

In the midst of all these rare events our sacrificing blood for the mother tongue is the rarest one. Many people sometime show their pessimistic idea that our mother tongue is not evaluated. The world community has given due recognition to our mother tongue through the declaration of 21st February as International Mother Language Day. It is going to be the language of the United Nations. However, we still have many things to do and points to ponder both in the individual and state levels. The rate of literacy in our country has not yet reached up to a satisfactory level. Those who know the alphabet many do not know how to read books. The vast majority of the population has been denied for ages the right to use Bengali. Keeping a huge number of populations out of literacy range we don't afford to swell our breast in the global arena. In spite of giving utmost priority by the government , 87 percent students have entered the primary levels though fifty percent of them drop out and the rest thirteen percent means twenty three lakhs still remain outside the boundary of schools. Thirteen percent still don enter into primary level which means twenty three lakh still don't have any access to education. The drop out rates and those who remain beyond access must be brought into class. Government efforts, ensuring NGOs participation more effective in this campaign and individual particularly the educated segment of population's active and fruitful participation may get the state rid of illiteracy. Otherwise, our rare and unique examples will pale into significance. Without analyzing much it can be demonstrated that the objective of the language movement can be achieved only in a society which is free from exploitation and discrimination. Of course, we are heading towards exploitation free society with a slow pace but it should be given momentum. Poverty stands as the principal obstacle in this regard. Everybody's concern here is imperative,

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