Thursday, February 25, 2010

Superman Reboot Nabs Batman Writer David Goyer

In what is already a day of big superhero news, thanks to Marvel icon Captain America, rival comic book company DC is firing back with some huge news of its own: The most powerful superhero in the world is ducking into his trademark phone booth, and a Batman writer will be assisting with an extreme costume change.
According to Variety, "Batman Begins" co-writer David Goyer has signed on to pen the script for a brand-new Superman movie, signaling a major sea change for the character's recent cinematic fate. To make matters even more interesting, "Superman Returns" filmmaker Bryan Singer and star Brandon Routh are not expected to return, despite four years of hopeful "wait and see" sequel comments.
However, Aint It Cool News reports that the rumors of Goyer's involvement aren't entirely accurate, and while he could indeed end up penning the "Man of Steel" screenplay, nothing is official at this point and Superman's next big-screen adventure is still in the pre-scripting idea phase. At press time, a rep for Goyer had no comment when contacted by MTV News; reps for Warner Bros. had not commented.
The move follows up on the news earlier this month that current Batman gatekeeper Christopher Nolan had agreed to oversee efforts to get Superman back on track, but DC has denied Nolan's involvement.

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