Sunday, February 28, 2010

Touring US library opens in Mangalore

If all goes well during the visit of the U.S. President Barack Obama this year end, he would visit few cities in South India according to Ragini Gupta acting counsel of Public Affairs of Amercian Consulate on Wednesday, Feb 24.

Ms. Gupta during the course of her address to a select group of audience on the occasion of inauguration of touring library of the United State consulate told that Mr. Obama has special liking for South India.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. K.K. Achary in charge vice chancellor of Mangalore university said that the libraries are the treasure houses of knowledge and everybody should make good use of them to be an empowered citizens. He said great civilizations in the past had great libraries like Alexandria, Taxila and Nalanda in India. But many of them had been burnt down by invaders from foreign countries. Dr. Achary said the libraries are a product of evolution of human kind and its intellectual and literary prowess.

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