Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book piracy rampant in Yogyakarta; publishers lose Rp 10b

Publishers in Yogyakarta claim rampant book piracy in the region has led to annual losses exceeding Rp 10 billion. "We are aware of *piracy* practices but we can do nothing to prevent them" said Apri Dhian, cooperation and promotional division coordinator of the Association of Indonesian Publishers' (Ikapi) of Yogyakarta, in Tuesday.
Dhian blamed the practices partly on weak law enforcement, saying that book piracy cases in the province had never been handled thoroughly.
Filing legal suits were likely to cost publishers a huge sum of money.
"What we can do is just expect the authorities to pay more attention to book piracy cases," Apri said.
Book piracy, Apri said, is mostly done by copying the original books or reprinting the books without the publishers' permission.
The copied version or the illegally printed ones are made in such a way that they look original and sell for much less.
"Customers sometimes can even make an order for copied version of the original books that they can not find in the seller's shelf," said Apri, who is also the marketing manager of Jalasutra publisher.
He said pirates mainly target best-sellers, mostly books published in response to current and controversial events, like Membongkar Gurita Cikeas, which was published in response to the bailout scandal implicating Century Bank.

Full report here The Jakarta Post

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