Sunday, February 28, 2010

The scared secrets revealed

From A to Y (Ant to Yak), Nanditha Krishna’s new book Sacred Animals of India traces 56 animals and how they were associated with the Indian culture.

The book was launched in Chennai by animal rights activist and MP Maneka Gandhi and received by wildlife conservation filmmaker Shekhar Dattari at a function organised by the Penguin Books India and CPR Environmental Education Centre.“In the introductory part I talk about various issues and the book starts with ant,” says Nanditha. The book also answers the question why animals were made sacred and also about the vahanas to God that are considered sacred.

“We worship Ganesha and the elephant is considered to be sacred. But, what about those in temples which are chained.We treat them cruelly,” said the author, who did a lot of research.By the end of the year, the author plans to launch her other book Sacred Plants of India.

Full report here Express Buzz

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