Thursday, February 25, 2010

Punjabi, the oldest language of the world?

"People of the Punjab were not mute when the world-known ancient Indian Valley Civilization flourished in the north-west parts of the country. The Panjabis used to speak their own language which is older even than the Dravadian's".

This was claimed by the eminent Punjabi litterateur Dr Satinder Singh Noor while delivering his keynote address in the inaugural session of the 2-day national seminar on the New Perspectives of Punjabi Language, Literature and Culture being organised by the Department of Panjabi, Kurukshetra University.

About 30 scholars of Punjabi language and literature are participating in this seminar from Haryana, Punjab and Delhi. Refuting the ongoing theory that Punjabi was Indo-Aryan language, the Vice Chairman of the Bhartiya Sahitya Academi, Delhi Professor Noor said that the Panjabi was the oldest language of the world which existed in one form or the other before the use of Tamil and even Sanskrit because it existed before the emergence and blooming of the most ancient Indian Valley Civilization in this part of India. He cited examples with the help of many prevalent words using phonetics and morphological terms.

Full report here Punjab Newsline

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