Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's not only about reading

One must have heard of the various college clubs like music, fashion and drama. Without doubt these form the long list of non academic "fun to be a part" of clubs. But just as these thrive among the college corridors, there are those clubs which happen border along the academic, non-academic; for instance, the literary club.

"Reading as a habit is fast disappearing hobby," says Professor Swati Wagh of Sathaye College. "You would seldom find students reading a book which is not a part of their academics," she says. Wagh who inspite of being a professor of the science stream is in-charge of Marathi Natya Vibhag at the college strives to inculcate reading among her students.

One would dismiss the literary club to be a gathering of like minded scholarly bookish people who like to discuss mind-numbing Shakespearen sonnets, Tolstoy's classics and Burns' poetry. But infact the club is much more than just that. "The reason why I took English literature as my major was that I wanted to read as many books as possible. Sure one can read otherwise, but the three years taught me nuances of writing and most importantly forming responsible opinions about authors and their works," said Dipa Vaidyanathan an ex student of Mithibai College.

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