Thursday, February 25, 2010

Now, master your mother tongue, on weekends

In order to encourage more people to learn their mother tongue, a programme, ‘Read and Write Your Mother Tongue” in all official Indian languages is being launched.

It aims at reviving the active use of Indian languages in our day-to-day lives by teaching individuals to read and write their mother tongue and in turn also help them connect with their cultural literature. Anybody above the age of 16, who can speak but not read or write their mother tongue, can join this weekend course.

“In this day and age of progress, we seem to be forgetting our roots. Though the current generation can speak their mother tongue, very few have knowledge of the script. So we decided to help people appreciate their mother tongue better by introducing this programme,” said Sandeep Nulkar, chairman and managing director, BITS Private Limited.

Full report here Indian Express

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