Saturday, February 27, 2010

"When I come to India, I feel comfortable"

Despite spending more than a decade in New York, writer of Indian origin Sohaila Abdulali still prefers to call her village in Karjat her home. And she comes visiting quite often to introduce her half-Indian, half-American daughter to nature’s bounty far away from the madding crowd.

On her current trip to India to promote her new book Year of the Tiger, Sohaila says, “When I come to India, I feel comfortable. I feel much happy.” For an author who did several odd jobs to support her fledgling writing career, Sohaila has come a long way. While NY still remains a “big city andallows you to be selfish. In Mumbai, however, you have so much of responsibility and the sense of community,” she says.

In Year of the Tiger Sohaila puts a mirror to human relationships, especially that between siblings.

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