Friday, October 1, 2010

Words worth

With the British Library completing its 50th year in Pune, the new director for the British Council, West India, Samantha Harvey was in town for the celebrations. Only her second time in India, Harvey talks about her experiences and new responsibilities. “The first time I was in India, I only visited Delhi and parts of Rajasthan. With India being so big and diverse, I can honestly say that western India is something that I have never seen before,” she says.

Harvey has spent much of her career in foreign locations. Starting off with a stint in Palestine and Gaza, she then moved on to Egypt for five years, before spending another five years in Nigeria. Currently only two months old at her job in India, Harvey, who is based in Mumbai, has Pune and Ahmedabad under her jurisdiction. She says, “India is one of the most important countries for the British Council, and that is reflected in the fact that we are already celebrating our golden anniversary in Pune.”

Full report here Indian Express

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