Thursday, February 4, 2010

Children's books do well at WBF

So you think children these days are simply not reading as much as they did in the past? The publishing industry doesn’t seem to think so. They say the recession period saw the sale of children’s books go up and make profits.

Shantanu Duttagupta of Scholastic India Pvt Ltd said: “It’s a misconception that children these days are losing interest in books. If that were true, we wouldn’t have published the number of books that we do every year and wouldn’t have made profits during the recession period last year!“

“We publish around 80 new books every year. Overall, there are roughly around 1,500—2,000 children’s books published every year in India. The children’s books publishing industry is thriving,” Duttagupta told IANS, while arranging a few books at Scholastic India’s stall in the ongoing New Delhi World Book Fair.

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