Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't like book? Get your money back!

Hachette India is breaking new ground in marketing books in India. It is offering a buy back offer with Krishan Partap Singh's Young Turks and Delhi Durbar!

The books will be released later this month.

These books are the first two of a set of three that, along with The War Ministry (October 2010), form The Raisina Series – three cracking good political novels that unflinchingly examine politics as we Indians play it. Set in the heart of Lutyens’ Delhi – India’s crucible of power and political sleaze – and written with a deep understanding of Indian politics, these books provide the politically informed reader an engaging foray into the functioning of the Indian high office and the politics of personal gain.

About Delhi Durbar:
The world’s largest democracy is poised to become a military dictatorship …
Ex-Army Chief and now President of India, General Dayal defies his rubber-stamp status to take on Prime Minister Yadav, head of the ruling Third Front coalition government, as the fate of India teeters in the balance.
Caught in the crossfire between the two warring leaders, will private banker turned wheeler-dealer Jasjit Singh Sidhu allow the enigmatic Azim Khan and the irrepressible Karan Nehru to arouse his dormant conscience, or will he – a child of the Emergency, born into Delhi’s power elite, brought up in a culture of rampant corruption and self-serving greed – remain true to type.

About Young Turks:
Best Friends Azim Khan and Karan Nehru have been together all their life: first in school and now in politics. Slowly but surely, Azim makes western Uttar Pradesh his electoral fiefdom and begins his journey to becoming the leader of Muslim India while Karan establishes himself as the overlord of eastern Uttar Pradesh and the adjoining states. Together, they carve their spaces in India’s politics, never compromising their friendship, until, finally, as Cabinet Ministers in a shaky coalition government under the Prime-Ministership of the wily former Congressman YK Naidu, their widely differing ideologies and temperaments and the sheer scale of unfolding events, all combine to pit them together in a fierce battle for the highest office…
(First published under the title, The Road to Raisina)

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