Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fair is foul

 Book fairs happen, but organisational ineptitude and official apathy are failing both the industry and consumers, reports Business Standard.

It’s book fair season. Tomorrow is the last day of the 19th biennial Delhi World Book Fair (WBF) and also the 34th International Kolkata Book Fair. International fairs in Bologna, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Jerusalem, London, Paris, St Petersburg, Taipei, and so on are in progress, have just finished or will soon begin.

There are two kinds of book fairs, as publisher S K Ghai explained at a WBF event on Tuesday: “totally trade” fairs like London, Frankfurt and Tokyo, where people in the industry meet and do business, and “selling fairs”, where books are sold to the public. At Indian book fairs sales dominate trade by far.

Full report here Business Standard

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