Monday, February 1, 2010

Former Tisco executive writes book on golf

On in Four: One Day of Magic and Mayhem on the Golf Course is not only about golf is about people who go around the golf course masquerading as golfers. It is about fun and life - and the spirit that breathes in every lover of golf,

The book is written by P Surendra Prasad and published by Westland Ltd, East-West Books and the Tranquebar Press.

The book is about four sassy septuagenarians, well past the peak of their athletic excellence remain nevertheless in dogged pursuit of the perfect birdie. Their story is composed of a series of mishits and miscues, each coloured by absurdly high philosophy, low choleric abuse, and tall tales of heroism—mostly their own.

According to P Surendra Prasad, “I was told to take on an easier task than writing a book like this but then there are others working towards addressing the problem of global warming already so I decided to stick to the job on hand. If you want to really test your mental dexterity, try maneuvering the ball out of the rough on the 14th hole of the Golf Club of Delhi while trying to figure out whether the lovely Susan should feature in the climax of the novel or be left unattended in chapter 6. But writing much like golf offers a sweet reward to the faithful. So I can truly say, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of writing. This book is about golf yes, but its also about all that adds a lyrical quality to living. I hope, as you move through the chapters of On in Four, you can experience the thrill of a beautifully struck tee shot, hear the songs of the birds on the trees and share the joy of four friends living it up as they only can on the Golf Course.”

Prasad spent the first 25 years of his career with the Tata Iron and Steel Company where he rose to head the Marketing Division. Besides his success in the corporate field, during that period, he also has the credit of holding the world record for the longest hole in one ever recorded on a Golf Course.

Post TISCO Prasad went into business where he set up two public limited companies. He also spent a number of years in the political sphere working closely with the former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar. He was the trustee secretary of the Bharat Yatra Trust and even today is the treasurer of Chandrashekhar's party, the Samajwadi Janta Party. On in Four is his first book. And the first book in India on stories around Golf.

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