Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rremembering Josh

The Josh Literary Society of Canada held a seminar on the legendry poet Josh Maleehabadi titled ‘Rationality of Josh.According to press release received on Wednesday, February 17, the main feature of the seminar was that leading intellectuals were invited to talk about poetry and literature.

The seminar was aimed at highlighting a secular and liberal side of Urdu language, in contrast with the religious character it has acquired over time. Delegates from various countries attended the seminar including Pakistan, India, Canada, United States, Jammu and Kashmir, Britain and Portugal.

The seminar started with a song by Nadia Kazmi, a Canadian with Pakistani ancestry. Her song, ‘My True Love’, inspired by Josh’s highly acclaimed poem ‘Ektaara’, was highly appreciated by the audience.Iqbal Haider, the founding president of Josh Literary Society of Canada, gave a welcome speech outlining the purpose and objectives of the seminar.

Full report here The News International

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