Sunday, February 7, 2010

Terror Trail

Mukul Deva's back in action, with Blowback. He's got a licence to thrill...India’s first military action thriller writer.

Mukul Deva is back with a bang with Blowback, the third in the four-part series on global terrorism, after the best-selling Lashkar and Salim Must Die. Mukul was at the Capitol Book Depot to promote Blowback, and was in conversation with Neelam Man Singh, with Vijai Vardhan reading excerpts from the book.

A former Indian Army officer and security consultant, Mukul’s been there and done that, with an eventful Army tenure, which included a decade of operational service, one that gave him a close insight and experience to write on a subject as tough and sensitive as terrorism.

Full report here Indian Express

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