Saturday, October 2, 2010

Between the pages

Richard Crasta, through the re-launched “The Revised Kamasutra: A Novel”, aims to break taboos and liberate thought.

The Revised Kamasutra” says the cover, and before you may confuse it for a 21st Century book on sex, comes the sub-title, rather a disclaimer, “A Novel”.

“And sex is also in there, because sex, for a young man, is almost the entire purpose of existence,” says Richard Crasta, the author.

The Revised Kamasutra is the story of Vijay Prabhu, a small-town Indian boy breaking away from the sterility taught by his catholic upbringing to the open world of free sex in America.

Crasta and his protagonist Prabhu have much in common. From being born in a traditional catholic family to embarking on a journey to the ‘open' West, discovering their sexuality, spirituality, and “the Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup”, the story of Vijay Prabhu is much of Crasta himself.

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