Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gandhigiri is no longer in vogue

Gandhigiri among youngsters had become a rage a couple of years back, thanks to the Munnabhai films. But with time, the hype surrounding the non-violent way and the jaadu ki jhappis seems to have died down. In the past one year, the city has been a silent observer to hot-blooded youngsters going on a rampage in a bid to realise their dreams.

Unprecedented damage to public property, stone pelting, calling for state-wide bandhs, revolts were the order of the day during the Telangana agitation. It’s the age of ‘Forgotten Gandhigiri’ — solution via negotiation and talks is no longer practical for youngsters today and himsa is the only way to make themselves heard claim today’s youth.

Full report here Deccan Chronicle

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