Wednesday, February 17, 2010

For Rent: Jack, Jill and even the Hill

Parents with children who’re easily bored will be happy to see Kids Gurukul’s latest franchise, which is located in Banjara Hills, just a stone’s throw away from Meridian School. The Kids Gurukul group already has over 50 franchises spread out over north and west India. Their current business model has achieved a high rate of success; over 21,000 families have been regularly using their services since the past three years.

They’re now targeting the south and are planning to have at least 60 more Kids Gurukul toy libraries set up by the end of March.According to M Shubhraa, master franchisee, Hyderabad, the Kids Gurukul libraries have been successful for good reason. “While our libraries come as a boon to lower-middle-class to middle-class families who can’t afford too spend to much money on toys, they’re not our only clients.Upper-middle-class parents are also avid subscribers to our services. Children are so easily and quickly bored with their toys, and it simply isn’t practical, in terms of space constraints, to buy that many toys.” The library offerings include wooden toys, puzzles, board games, constructive games, riders, outdoor games, soft toys and musical toys.

They also have an extensive range of educational books, the pre-school series, picture dictionaries, storybooks as well as comics. The CD and DVD range includes, preprimary educational titles, moral and mythological stories, music videos of nursery rhymes, animated movies and computer games.Parents can subscribe to the library’s services for as less as Rs 350, for which they can rent Rs 3,500 worth of toys, books and games. Annual subscription packages in bulk discounts are also available

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