Friday, February 19, 2010

Hands On: Kindle for BlackBerry

I'm pleased that Amazon is rolling the Kindle ebook reader onto all available platforms, but I'm not sure all platforms are right for it. On the native platform, the Kindle 2 eReader, the marriage is a perfect one. The 6-inch e-ink screen is approximately the size of a paperback and you feel like you get enough text per page. I can't say the same about Kindle and my Blackberry Bold 9000.

The free app is still in beta, so you won't find it in BlackBerry's App World, but you can visit Amazon's site and have the site mail you a link. You open the e-mail on your Blackberry and commence the download and installation.

When you first open Amazon Kindle for BlackBerry beta, it gives you the option of signing up for an Amazon account or logging into your existing one. I have an account, so I signedin. Immediately I saw a list of all my Kindle books--tiny cover images and titles. To start reading any of them, I needed to download the book. My AT&T 3G network coverage isn't great in my area so it took a few minutes for my first book to download--your mileage may vary. Books you download immediately appear on your archive page.

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