Saturday, February 20, 2010

Of feel-happy books

So everyone has comfort food, mine is greasy Indian Chinese (if I’m on a health trip that is, else it’s potato chips and chocolate ice cream and lots of it)...a bad day and nothing else will do. When you have a bad day or are feeling blue, curling up on your couch with calorific food and mindless sitcoms is a good antidote. Or throw in a beer and it transforms itself into a perfect Saturday evening. That said, I also have comfort reads.

These are much loved, oft-read, dogeared pieces of literature that keep you warm on a cold, cruel day. I had cause recently to bring out these old favourites and my moods did temporarily lift and it was then that I realised that most of my books confined to comfort reading were children’s books that I kept rereading or books that I had read and loved at happier times (any Freudian insights anyone?) It is like junk-food for the brain.

Harry Potter is a favourite on those days, I know how it’s going to turn out and I know it’s going to get good before it gets even better and on my 17th read...just as interesting.

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