Tuesday, February 16, 2010

REVIEW: Between Modernity and Nationalism


BETWEEN MODERNITY AND NATIONALISM: Halide Edip's Encounter with Gandhi's India
Mushirul Hasan
Oxford University Press
Rs 650; Pp 279
ISBN: 0198063326
ISBN-13: 9780198063322, 978-0198063322

In Between Modernity and Nationalism, Mushirul Hasan investigates the intersection of Indian and Turkish histories. Through Edip's experiences on her visit to India and her descriptions Hasan delves into the anti-colonial struggle, the leaders of the freedom movement, and the participation of women in the struggle among several other significant signposts of Indian history. A prominent nationalist leader in Turkey, Halide Edip was enthused by Gandhi's philosophy and actions. Her meeting with the eminent Indian leader presents a unique perspective of Gandhi, as a leader providing inspiration for nationalist struggles worldwide. In this intellectual biography of Halide Edip, Hasan finds that her descriptions of the Indian landscape, nationalist movement and its leaders is imbued with the same spirit of the search for new ideas and her faith in the future.

Fruitful Turkish connection with India The Hindu
The positive dialogue Halide held with the West, her undying faith in pluralistic society, and her belief that the strength of any religion and its votaries lay in their openness to change and finding the modus vivendi in human relations offer a refreshing riposte to the idea of divisiveness that has stalked our discourse of modernity and nationalism. As Toynbee noted, “As a writer, as a patriot, as a woman, and, above all, as a human being who had loved and been loved, Halide had lived to the full.” This book is a fitting tribute to her life and ideas, and a firm reminder that inter-religious and cultural exchanges need not be acrimonious.

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