Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kamal to come calling for literature

If you have a flair for writing in Tamil, don’t be surprised if you get a visitor to your doorsteps in the form of actor Kamal Haasan.

In a bid to revive his literary magazine Maiyyam, Kamal Haasan along with a team of writers and literarians, has taken the initiative to call on the literary greats and budding writers personally and compile their thoughts in this regard.

Sources assisting Kamal Haasan in this endeavour say, Maiyyam would be an online portal (in the form of a blog), with audio and video podcasts and separate columns by Kamal Haasan, talking about his journey in cinema and literature.

In today’s techno-savvy world where most actor and actress in Bollywood have opted to go the twitter/facebook/ blog way for a more personalised relationship with their fans, Kamal Haasan’s attempt to launch the web version of Maiyyam indeed sets him apart and reflects his literary and intellectual mien.

Full report here News Today

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