Sunday, February 21, 2010

So what if you can't publish my book

Mrinal Bose has been a physician for many years. He has been an aspiring writer for even longer, waking up early every morning to write his blogs. But last year, he fulfilled a dream: he became a published novelist.

The story of Kolkata-based Bose, who dabbles in medicine and literature in equal measure, is typical of many literary stragglers who juggle their bill-paying jobs and writing. But what sets Bose apart is the route he took to publication.

With mainstream publishers showing little interest in his novel, Shadowland, Bose displayed admirable self-reliance by not taking the vanity publishing route. He did not, for instance, take his manuscript to the publisher of last resort for permanently aspiring Indian poets, Writers’ Workshop, which, conveniently enough, has its offices not very far from where he lives. Instead, he elected to publish it himself, online, as an e-book. And all you need to do, to be able to read it, is to download it on to your computer or laptop.

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